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Did you miss our 2015 budgeting webinar?

Calculating Your 2015 Marketing Budget: How Much Marketing Do You Really Need? 

Do you know how much marketing you’re going to need to meet your 2015 revenue goals? To be as effective as possible, your marketing spend must be matched exactly to those goals and to your performance metrics—not someone else’s. In this webinar, you will learn how to calculate your cost per lead and how to translate that cost into your plans for 2015.

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Archived Webinars

Digital Marketing: How to Amplify Profit by Cutting Your Customer Acquisition Costs

How much are you paying for sales?

Increasing top-line revenue is important for growing profitability, but another critical requirement is finding ways to cut costs.

This webinar, in partnership with Future Point of View, will explore how to reduce the time and expense of generating leads and converting them into sales.



Why Digital Marketing Should be Half-Man, Half-Machine

Marketing automation can’t do everything.

In large complex B2B sales, it can spot interested buyers, respond to their digital behavior, and nurture them with engaging content, but it can’t qualify a lead. Only people can do that.


Sales and Marketing "Alignment" Isn't Enough: Now What?

Getting Sales and Marketing on the same page about goals, KPIs, and the definitions of terms is important—but it’s not enough.


This webinar explores staffing, execution, and budget challenges companies face when they attempt to establish a demand generation function—and presents some ways to address those challenges

In this webinar, Mike Vannoy discusses the six essential components of any B2B lead generation program, regardless of whether it's in-house or outsourced.


Lead generation is complex and can be expensive. This webinar breaks down its components and their costs.

When so many sales calls go straight to voicemail, is it really worth your time and resources to have your sales reps engaged in cold-calling? As you'll learn in this webinar, leads that have been warmed by continuous content engagement and nurturing are nearly nine times more likely to take an appointment with a sales rep than cold leads are.

Is your marketing budget allocated in a way that not only reflects your marketing objectives, but also aligns to your overall revenue growth targets? Whether your ultimate marketing goal is prospect engagement, brand awareness, or demand generation, you must invest your marketing dollars in a way that is demonstrably connected to that goal. In this webinar, we discuss marketing for conversions, not for kudos.

In this webinar, guest speaker Mark Lindwall, Forrester Research Inc. Senior Analyst serving sales enablement professionals, will discuss the critical element of sales enablement in improving sales performance and growing revenue. Sales Engine CEO, Paul Rafferty, continues the discussion by addressing tools and techniques for optimized sales performance.

Mary Anne Gunn, VP of Marketing at Sales Engine International, demonstrates how unbound marketing can impact marketing and sales effectiveness. Learn how buyer insight, data-driven analytics, and adaptable content can work seamlessly together to meet the dynamic buyer landscape.

The prevalence of inbound marketing and Sales 2.0 demands a new perspective on the funne—land it's no longer the siloed territory of the sales team. Just as sales reps have one-on-one conversations with prospects who are getting ready to make a buying decision, marketers must now conduct thousands of digital one-on-one conversations with prospects who are closer to the top of the funnel.

In this webinar, Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, builds the case for undertaking this marketing transformation, identifies the barriers to change, and provides new rules for marketing and sales leaders to collaborate differently. Paul Rafferty, Founding Partner and CEO of Sales Engine International, takes the discussion deeper, introducing a set of tools and tactics to implement changes that will help organizations deploy effective buyer engagement programs.

With a firm grasp on your revenue growth plan, learn how to efficiently support that plan with the appropriate skills and resources.

Do you really know how much marketing you need? Do you know how much money to spend, how many leads to create or how big your database should be?

If you'd like to learn more about how to elevate leads-to-revenue, join Lori Wizdo, Principal Forrester Analyst, and Paul Rafferty, CEO of Sales Engine International, for a close look at the lead-to-revenue process required to improve marketing efficiency to support revenue growth.