[Webinar Recap] Overcoming Demand Gen Resource Constraints: Headcount, Execution, and Budget

[Webinar Recap] Overcoming Demand Gen Resource Constraints: Headcount, Execution, and Budget

B2B marketers today have access to an unprecedented array of tools intended to simplify demand generation processes and make targeting and engaging leads easier. Ironically, the resources required to use these technologies properly can sometimes make marketers’ jobs more difficult.

Marketing automation software is a perfect example. It’s meant to make the marketing process more streamlined and efficient by allowing marketers to target, nurture, score, and collect data on their leads. At the same time, effective use of marketing automation software requires marketers to continuously and rigorously create and optimize content—a time- and resource-intensive process.

In our recent webinar, Overcoming Demand Gen Resource Constraints: Headcount, Execution, and Budget, we offered tips for marketers who struggle to pull together the resources needed to run an effective demand generation program. In case you missed the presentation, we have a quick roundup of some key points below.

Overcoming Three Constraints:


As the title of our webinar indicates, today’s B2B marketers struggle with three types of resource constraints. Let’s start at the end, with budget.

Marketers often feel that their budget is not big enough to accomplish their goals. This difficulty is due in part to the challenge of allocating the budget appropriately. B2B marketing requires a mix of content formats and channels to reach buyers where they want to be reached, and it can be difficult to calculate the return generated by each piece of this marketing puzzle in order to plan budget allocations.

You can easily determine how much you should spend on marketing in total by working backwards from your revenue goal, keeping in mind the cost of acquiring a single customer. If you know how much revenue you want, how much revenue a single customer will bring you, and how much it will cost you to acquire that customer, you can determine how much you should spend on marketing.

The Challenges of Execution

A second problem that marketers face is the problem of developing and launching content. Even if you’re only creating content for three buying stages (top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel, for example) and three customer personas, that’s already nine pieces of content.

Multiply that number by four formats and you’re up to 36 pieces of content—and if you factor in a monthly newsletter, the number of unique content assets can quickly spiral out of control.

So what can you do about it? In our webinar, we offered three quick tips:

-       Start with content targeted for each buying phase (not persona- or topic-based).

-       Re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose! Turn videos into podcasts, podcasts into articles and blogs, blogs into infographics, and so on.

-       Publish an editorial calendar and stick to it!


Our webinar concluded with a quick rundown of the skills you need to have on your content marketing team—and note that we’re saying skills, not necessarily people. Even large firms often don’t have the resources to hire multiple full-time employees for content creation, but you do need to ensure you have the following skillsets represented:

-       The one who keeps track of it all, a marketing manager who really understands this world inside and out.

-       The marketing “techie,” who understands the automation process and software from a technical perspective.

-       The Web geek/artist, a designer who knows how to build HTML e-mails, landing pages, etc.

-       The one who makes you look good and ensures visual consistency among all your assets, a graphic designer and art director.

-       Someone who makes you sound good—a strong writer who understands how to communicate with your audience

There’s a lot to consider here, so contact us with your questions about demand generation and content creation. Or visit the Resources section of our website for more great information.

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