[Webinar Review] The Six Pillars of B2B Lead Generation – Continued

April 1st, 2014

The Six Pillars of B2B Lead Generation: Part II

The remaining three pillars of B2B lead generation are below (check out our blog post here for the first three):

4.  Integrated Campaigns. Because prospects choose how to engage with your brand—and not the other way around—B2B lead generation hinges on comprehensive, integrated campaigns offering content in multiple formats, through multiple channels.

Some buyers prefer to read white papers, and some are more interested in infographics. Some respond well to email marketing, while others are more engaged on Facebook or LinkedIn. Some are tethered to their laptops, while others do everything from a smartphone. Regardless of the medium, device, or delivery method, your content must be easy to consume, good-looking, and consistent in its message.

5.  Sales Enablement. Sales enablement refers to the process by which you prepare your sales team to go after warm leads—reaching out and converting those who have shown an interest in your content and are already well-educated about your products or services.

These are not the “contact me” leads of old. These leads are good MQLs: they have self-identified as people who are interested in learning about the problems your product or service helps to solve. That does not necessarily mean that they’re ready for a conversation with a sales rep, however.

One of the biggest mistakes B2B companies make is to reject leads simply because aren’t sales-ready. They may be ready eventually, so it makes much more sense to maintain them as prospects and continue to feed them nurturing content until they are ready to engage with Sales.

6.  Analytics. Let’s keep our eye on the prize: sales! Recording and tracking is important to see which parts of your content strategy work best with your different buyer personas. It is important to not fall into the habit of tracking activity without tracking what has become a closed sale.

Whew—that was a mouthful! It just goes to show how complex B2B lead generation really is. Mastering all six pillars is not easy, but we are here to help!

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