Reflections on Lasting Client Relationships

April 3rd, 2013

Recently, Sales Engine welcomed an old friend to our new offices in Austin. Dianna Sheppard, CEO of CloudMills, is a veteran consumer of Sales Engine’s integrated marketing solution. Since our founding, Dianna has been CEO of three different companies (Advantec, CogNet, and CloudMills) and selected Sales Engine as a demand generation partner for each. Her visit was tied to a video shoot, her fourth with Sales Engine, which means she has pretty much perfected her natural delivery style. While she was onsite, I took advantage of a break in the video shoot to ask her a few questions.

The biggest question I wanted to ask Dianna was why she continued to come back to Sales Engine. First, she filled me in on her strategy for growing business. Dianna is firm believer in staffing for core competencies only and outsourcing all other functions. Following that maxim has helped her turn-around the profitability at her previous companies and is fueling the launch of her newest endeavor.

Dianna originally choose Sales Engine because our solution freed her organization to focus on core competencies while we, as a demand generation partner, provided programs and activities to support revenue growth. However, the feeling of collaboration and teamwork is what brought her back a second and third time and has made her a lasting client.

“Sales Engine gets results. The PMs (program managers) are constantly trying to broaden the marketing experience,” Dianna stated. “It is like they work for you. It never feels like a vendor relationship, rather like a team engagement.” She confessed that she had tried other vendors in the past but never had that team feeling.

Lasting client relationships are invaluable to company growth. To create that foundation, it is essential to build a partnership and a feeling of team engagement with clients. Rather than simply providing for a client, a company must change and grow alongside their client. The following are three blog posts addressing best practices in building lasting client relationships:

Next week, Dianna will be joining Sales Engine CEO, Paul Rafferty, as a speaker at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The pair will host a breakout session on Tuesday, April 9th titled, Punch Above Your Weight: Marketing, Selling, and Winning against Bigger Competitors. In it, Dianne will share a story of her first (of many) successful experiences in using a partner for demand generation.  For more information from the conference, visit the Sales 2.0 website. For our thoughts on the conference and a discount on registration, visit our blog post: Sales Data from Sales 2.0 Conference.