Shifting Towards Outsourced Demand Generation

May 24th, 2013

According to the Content Marketing Institute, nearly two-thirds of marketers now partner with experts for all or part of their marketing process. As developments continue to grow for marketing technology and as big data continues to put pressure on marketers to prove ROI, successful demand generation is becoming increasingly difficult to perform.

In addition to the technology investment, companies need new and digitally relevant skillsets as well as a more complicated and complex execution process. Marketing needs someone to manage the database of their best prospects, define their ideal prospect profile, continue refining it, and to keep their database clean and up to date. At the same time, marketers need professional caliber messaging because it’s becoming harder for sales reps to make contact with their prospects. Furthermore, this messaging needs to be available digitally, and it needs to be readily available across a variety of mediums to get the right story told—perfectly and consistently every time.

Today’s marketers get it.  They are very well informed, and they see the challenge and understand the solution.  For marketers, executing on demand generation has become an arms and legs issue.  It’s no longer possible to get to it all, and marketers are now focused on educating their senior management on the limits of their bandwidth.

Demand generation outsourcing has become essential because the process has reached a point where it requires a village of fractional people to pull it off. Companies now have to institute many new processes and technology within their day-to-day operations, processes and technology that are so critical to revenue generation that they must be performed and utilized well. Unless you can execute all of those process and functions in a coordinated way, every day, you're at a competitive disadvantage in your market.

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