3 Reasons to add pay-per-lead white paper syndication to your digital marketing plan

3 Reasons to add pay-per-lead white paper syndication to your digital marketing plan

There are three challenges every B2B marketer faces as they try to build a lead generating engine to feed their sales team:

1. Content marketing can be a long, expensive, and uncertain journey

Make no mistake, “content marketing” IS modern digital marketing  and you should absolutely be doing it.  Whether you connect via email, text, social media, or your website, the currency for engaging your prospects is content.  

By creating quality content like blog posts, white papers, eBooks, infographics, videos, podcasts, and case studies, you can connect with potential buyers in meaningful ways that help solve their most pressing problems. In return for sharing your expertise, you can develop a relationship and maybe make the “short list” when they’re finally in the market. Simply put, you need to do content marketing.

Unfortunately, the time and cost to create all this content can be suffocating. And even after getting started on this noble journey, many drop-off when staffing changes, budget cuts, or conflicting priorities occur. For those who stay the course, you’ll have to figure out the right messaging, formats, channels, tools, keywords, and 100’s of other details over time before building a flywheel of inbound leads.

The scariest part of this journey is that ROI varies widely because getting your content to stand out in the crowd can be tough among well funded competitors.

2. Purchased lists can land you in hot water

Not long ago, you could purchase a list of THOUSANDS of prospects and immediately email them your content. It was a fast, simple, effective way to connect with prospects and get your story in front of a large audience. NOT ANY MORE!

Today, no marketing automation or email vendor will even allow you to import a purchased list let alone email to it. And if you try to trick them and say the leads came from somewhere else, you’ll be kicked off their platform in a snap for violating their terms of use. The risk is too high for them because the email gods (Google, Microsoft, and the ISP’s) rule the highways and, even though the practice may be perfectly “legal”, they won’t deliver unsolicited mail to their customers and they’ll blacklist companies and vendors who try.

Being blacklisted as a spammer can do more than just impact your marketing efforts, it can mean even your day-to-day corporate email ends up in the junk folder. Imagine how your customers would like that! And earning back your reputation as a good sender can take a long time.

Since purchased lists are dead, you’ll have to build your own opt-in marketing database. And because that requires a well executed content marketing strategy, that can be a long expensive road (see #1 above).

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising works for a few, but not most

Why? Because the major players in your market (the ones with big budgets) are in a bidding war for the best keywords that convert into leads which means the best keywords are also very expensive. That means you could blow an entire month’s budget on just a handful of clicks with no guarantee those who clicked will convert on your website. You’ll most likely have to bid for less expensive long-tail keywords that may (if you are lucky) provide you with a handful of early stage leads at the beginning their buying journey.

On the surface PPC campaigns seem simple. But, because keyword bidding gets get very complex very fast, most companies also have to hire a search specialist to optimize their spend. These resources are neither cheap, nor perfect. Also, without the ability to prevent competitors, students, consultants, and many other “non-buyers” from clicking on ads, a lot of your money is wasted right from the start.

Content Syndication on a pay-per-lead basis

If you can’t buy lists anymore and it’s hard justifying the cost of PPC advertising, what can you do to generate leads while building your content marketing engine?

Content Syndication on a pay-per-lead basis can address all of these issues.

First, by investing in white papers for syndication, you can guarantee leads for the sales team while developing the foundational content you need for a content marketing strategy - white papers on your website. Second, because white paper syndication exposes your brand to an enormous audience that otherwise would have never heard of you, you can quickly build your opt-in database. And finally, unlike pay-per-click (PPC) where you’ll pay for lots of clicks from people who could never even buy from you, pay-per-lead white paper syndication is true pay-for-performance because, with Sales Engine Media, you can filter out people outside of your target market, so your conversions will be focused only on those who can buy from you.

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