3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Outbound Campaign Results



 As Demand Generation Manager, I am responsible for using our technology to create powerful, effective outbound campaigns.Essentially, I eat the dog food here at Manticore.While the technology provides me with the all the tools I need, strategy and execution determine how successful they are.Like any marketer, I learn something new from every campaign and hopefully get a little better each time.I’d like to offer a few tips that I learned along the way that helped increase my response rates on campaigns:


1.Use HTML Email Best Practices – If you’re using HTML to design your email, make sure you or your designer are using best practices for email HTML.Designing an email in HTML is very different from regular web design.Your goal should be to make sure that the email is as viewable and as deliverable as possible to all email clients.You can’t control the security settings on email clients, but you can follow some guidelines to make sure your images show up and your email does not go into spam for most clients.Design Label Blog lists some great articles and resources in HTML Best Practices Resources and Inspiration.


2.Coordinate all PR Efforts & Social Media Efforts with Email Campaign – If you have a new Whitepaper, Report, Product Release or anything newsworthy, send out a press release the same day you send out your email campaign.Also, if you are having a third party distribute your offering,make sure your email goes out on the same date & time that they send theirs out. Announce through all Social Media outlets. The bigger “buzz” you create, the more downloads you will see from your email campaign.  


3.A/B Test Your Subject Line & Content – The best way to determine what is effective for email campaigns is to run your own A/B testing.In my last campaign, I split my list down the middle and tested two different subject lines.Subject line A was short and left out a key qualifier.Subject Line B was longer but included that qualifier.Judging by the number of emails opened, and click thrus to the landing page, the shorter subject line performed slightly better than the longer subject line.You can also test the effectiveness of your content by changing it up slightly and A/B testing it as well.


4.Segment your List – One thing we preach as a marketing automation provider is that quality is better than quantity.This starts with your outbound campaigns.Instead of sending outgoing messages to everyone is your database, segment your list to target only those that you think would be interested in the particular offering based on their behavior, lead score and demographic fit.Many approach outbound campaigns as a way to pull in as many leads as possible and then weed out the unqualified ones.This essentially just creates more work.If you segment your list on the front end, you may not have as many responses but your responses will be coming from the right people, and the number of passed leads will be much higher.


When outbound marketing is done correctly, you should be able to control the quality of the leads more than you can with inbound.Robert Lesser offers some great insight on the benefits of outbound marketing in his recent post Marketing on the Outbound.I encourage you to check it out.