5 Ways to Use Marketing Automation to Its Full Potential

I was recently sent this article written by Howard J. Sewell (@HJSewell), President of Spear Marketing Group, on the “Immaturity of Most Marketing Automation Deployments”.  Sewell makes the case that many marketing automation users are not leveraging the technology to its full potential. Rather, these users are simply using marketing automation as a glorified email service provider (ESP) or for basic level reporting. Sewell wraps up his article with 5 keys to marketing automation success: Planning, Processes, Campaigns, Metrics, and Collaboration. As Manticore is a marketing automation provider, our goal is to ensure that our clients are meeting their business goals by using our platform to its full potential. So, I took it upon myself to take Sewell’s 5 keys and expand on them with some additional resources.


  • What to read:"You Need Good Technology, But…" , by Jeff Erramouspe (@jefferramouspe)
  • Jeff Erramouspe answers the question, “What can the marketing automation platform help me to accomplish?” When initially implementing a marketing automation platform, marketers need a set of goals and a step by step plan on how to meet them.


  • What to Read: "Use 3 Components to Create a Lead Scoring Model", Manticore Blog
  • A lead scoring model is a crucial component to lead management. Developing a process to measure potential prospects will go a long way in helping markers meet the goals set out in the planning phase. Use these 3 components to create intuitive and effective lead scoring models that will measure leads accurately and by the standards you deem most important.


  • What to Read: "The Lead Nurturing Cookbook", by Manticore Technology
  • A lead nurturing program goes beyond a simple email campaign. With a marketing automation platform, marketers can design automated nurtures to move buyers through their buying process. The Lead Nurturing Cook Book includes 7 unique “recipes” that cover everything a marketer needs to know about designing successful nurturing campaigns.


  • What to Read: "Focus on the Metrics that Matter", by Andrew Gaffney (@agaffney)
  • Andrew points out that we’ve got to move beyond activity monitoring to behavioral qualification and progressive profiling. Marketing automation can provide deeper intelligence that enables marketers to prove influence during the buying process. For additional insight, look for our upcoming blog series on “Quantifying Marketing’s Impact on Revenue”.


  • What to Read: "Candid Letter from Sales to Marketing", by Jill Konrath (@jillkonrath)
  • Marketing isn’t working alone. To use marketing automation to its full potential, marketers must collaborate with their sales team. This candid letter outlines the issues salespeople are dealing with and where marketing can provide some much-needed assistance. For additional marketing-sales alignment advice, check out this post “3 Steps to Aligning Marketing and Sales."