[Webinar] The Funnel is Not a Process: Understanding Lead-to-Revenue Management

February 27th, 2013

Our recent presentation, The Funnel is Not a Process: Understanding Lead-to-Revenue Management was one of our most successful webinars in Sales Engine history. Minus some small technical difficulties one often sees with these live events, we had record attendance and probably our most engaged audience yet (based upon the number of questions we received).

Lori Wizdo, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Paul Rafferty, CEO at Sales Engine, addressed one of the biggest concerns facing almost all executives and company leaders out there: marketing’s impact on the bottom line.

Lori began with an in depth look at the lead-to-revenue process required to improve marketing efficiency which in turn increases revenue growth and validates marketing’s impact on that growth. She showed the audience the building blocks required to use a “results chain model” and move a prospect from a lead all the way to revenue in a successful and repeatable process. To close, Lori shared some insights from her research at Forrester on the top tactics being used most effectively at each stage of the lead nurturing cycle. Paul took over with his thoughts on and experience with the evolving roles of sales and marketing. He focused his attention on the skill sets and resources required to implement and drive a lead-to-revenue process effectively. The webinar concluded with a thorough Q&A session and two resources to download: 1) The November 2012 Forrest Research Inc. Report: Pinpoint the Actions and Outcomes that Elevate Leads to Revenue  and 2) the Sales Engine Integrated Marketing Infographic that details what we do and how we do it.

View the recorded webinar- The Funnel is Not a Process: Understanding Lead-to-Revenue Management

**Author’s Note:  See if you can spot the IM’s I sent to Alexis (our slide operator) in the middle of the webinar. Live events are always full of surprises!