A Match Made in the Cloud!

Have you heard our  BIG NEWS? Effective May 31, 2012, Manticore Technology and Sales Engine merged to form a new company that will operate as Sales Engine International!

A Manticore partner since 2009, Sales Engine International's managed marketing services engine has combined Manticore's technology platform with their own award-winning creative and campaign execution services to help clients FIND, CONNECT with and ENGAGE prospects.

This merger became a natural evolution in our relationship as we saw an opportunity to join forces and combat an emerging problem in the world of demand generation: that lack of defined internal processes, inadequate content and insufficient dedicated staffing resources are preventing clients of all marketing automation tools from fully leveraging the potential of the software.

By combining our strengths, we are not only expanding the available solution set; we are also expanding the team of talented and skilled professionals. We are more than thrilled with the opportunities for our newly combined product and services.

All the same, we want our customers and prospects to be assured that continued maintenance and development of our software business is critical to the success of our new enterprise. Our newly available services will augment—not replace—that business, as well as provide an alternative for those interested in the benefits of marketing automation but without the resources to implement.

We’re looking forward to keeping you updated as we continue to develop the specifics on our combined offerings!