Build it and They Will Come

I was checking my RSS feed on interesting blog posts about demand generation when I ran across this post from a B2B blog in the UK titled:  Demand generation: Out of the blue?.  There was an interesting discussion around adoption ofdemand generation applications in Europe. It's interesting to watch the adoption/discussion around demand generation & lead nurturing from this side of the pond.  Manticore Technology has been providing demand generation solutions for seven years now (since 2001).  We began to see rapid adoption in 2003/2004.  Now, the space is hitting mainstream adoption.  In the EU and APAC we're seeing early adopters of technology contact us as we now have customers in North America, Europe, and APAC. (we have a great partner in Australia - PRM) .  If adoption of demand generation in the US is any indicator, we'll see widespread adoption in the EU in 3-5 years.  For savvy marketers in these markets, there is a huge opportunity to become a thought leader in the demand generation space.  Hop on board!