Building a Sales Staff of “A” Players

In conversations with our prospects and clients, we often are asked our advice on finding, developing and retaining "A Players". The days of "darkening the skies" with feet on the street is simply not an option in this economy. Therefore the high producing Sales Rep - the A Player - is a precious commodity. Here are some tips to help you build a Sales Staff of "A" Players:

Tip 1: Focus on the right skill set

Experience and industry knowledge are common skills we all seek. But what other skills are important? In a Sales 2.0 world the critical sales skills have changed. When I started selling, the ability to cold call and prospect were highly valued. Today, in most industries, interest and awareness is not generated by the Sales Rep. Buyers use the Internet to learn about your products, competition and market long before you even know they are looking. Therefore the Rep's ability to influence the sale process comes much later. The ability to be consultative, manage a sales cycle and close become paramount skills.

Tip 2: Build a strong lead nurture engine

The "A" player has already made the adjustment to the Sales 2.0 way of selling. They want to focus on what they do best: managing the sales process and closing the deal. A strong lead nurture engine allows them to work the "sales ready" leads while prospects not ready to buy are engaged and informed.

Sales Recruiters tell us a strong lead nurture engine is the single biggest factor for attracting top salespeople. Chances are they are successful in their current job and in high demand. To make the leap to a new opportunity they must clearly see marketing support from you.

Tip 3: It's not all about money

The high performing sales rep is not only concerned with money. Money is important but studies show they are also career focused and seek stability. Your job is to have a realistic and well-designed sales process where the rep can thrive. If less than half your Reps currently are not hitting their have a problem.

Sales Engine International is a Sales 2.0 marketing and sales performance organization. Clients come to us for innovative solutions to their sales revenue challenges. Thank you for watching this spotlight.