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Content for Demand Generation - How to Develop a Simple, Yet Effective Strategy

Unless you’ve spent the last two years in a cave, you’ve probably figured out that content is this decade’s buzzword for B2B marketing. So we all know it is important, but do we understand the how and the why?  B2Bs are struggling to wrap their arms around content marketing. Content Syndication, Content Strategy … asking what it all means, how organizations benefit, and why it is so important? And, the most vital question - how can it be used to get the most exposure for your brand and support demand generation for your business?

At Sales Engine International, we believe that content marketing encompasses everything we develop - from websites to video to white papers to blog posts to infographics. The reason we develop it? To both elevate your organization’s brand and reputation AND at the same time create opportunities you to Find, Connect with and Engage prospective customers. Great content not only provides invaluable resources to be consumed by vast and diverse audiences, it also establishes your organization as an expert/thought leader in your particular industry.

So now that we’ve developed this amazing library of content, how do we put it to work? For many of our clients, honing in on this part of the strategy is critical given the abundance of online channels available today. Whether you have unlimited funds or just a modest budget, it’s important to focus your activities on the areas that will support high quality content for demand generation that ultimately result in new customer acquisitions.

Because not all media are created equal, a program that might benefit content for demand generation for one company program could be a flop for another. As such, it’s important to do your homework before rushing to create that YouTube channel:

  • What media will generate the most exposure for your company? Fight the urge to jump on any virtual bandwagons unless you can be absolutely sure that your target market is adequately represented and engaged.
  • How can you get the most bang for your buck in terms of budget and resources? Work smart, not hard. If you don’t have a ton of website traffic, just hosting your content there may not give you much in terms of distribution. Attracting visitors who fit your Ideal Prospect Profile can be tricky and expensive. Email marketing continues to be a cost-effective vehicle for reaching prospects and has the added benefit of offering a medium for the distribution of every variety of content for demand generation that can be linked, tracked and measured.
  • Can your content be used for a variety of purposes? Consider taking the audio from a webinar and creating a podcast then transcribing it for a white paper or article - voila, numerous pieces of content that can be used as individual touch points! This type of repurposing not only expands your content library, it also ensures your content can appeal to different buyer personas, who may prefer to listen, watch or read.
  • Is all of your content optimized for SEO and can your perfect buyer find you? Creating content for demand generation can be both art and science - keywords and tagging are de rigueur, especially on high traffic sites like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Are you making it easy for prospects to stay connected with your organization? RSS feeds are a must for any content areas (like blogs) that are dynamic. Similarly, publishing content on a regular basis that allows people to subscribe (like eNewsletters) keeps your company in front of prospects.

And finally,

  • Can the results be measured? If you can’t determine the outcome of a particular effort then it probably was not worthwhile.

Trends come and go, especially in the ever-changing world of the Internet, so be sure your content and strategy can withstand those shifts. [printprofilepic] Melissa Macchiavelli