DreamForce 2008

DreamForce 2008 is here!!  Our team is very excited about this show and we will have a good number of people out in the Bay Area for it.  We look forward to meeting a lot of great people. The show is a little later this year than it has been in the past, and this has given us time to prepare a lot of great stuff.  We have some big announcements next week including:

• Launch of our Enterprise 2009 product • Launch of our Professional Edition product, the first demand generation tool under $1000 • Introduction of our new website • Official launch of the Marketing Fortune Cookie blog

Unfortunately, I will not be at the show.  This is a special time in my life as my second son Aaron John was born on October 20th.  With a 20 month old toddler running around, I am trying to stay close to home so the two boys don’t overrun my wife!

None-the-less, please stop by our booth and enjoy a fortune cookie on us as well as the opportunity to win some awesome marketing goodies!  Hope you can chat with us!