Email Campaign Date Matters Less Than Your Prospects’ Click-Through Date

Email Campaign Date Matters Less Than Your Prospects’ Click-Through Date

Why Thursdays Continue to Serve as the Digital Workhorse

When crafting email campaigns to generate sales leads, keep in mind that the date your prospect will open and interact with your campaign matters more than the date you actually send the email. After all, the goal is to engage prospects in a conversation (and a conversion)!

We’ve learned the most effective campaigns are those that educate our clients’ prospective customers about their industry, answer their questions, provide timely news and trend insights, share tips and best practices with them, and ultimately position the sender as a trustworthy source of information.

The point of these campaigns, of course, is not only to educate and delight prospects, but to discern which prospects are ready for a more in-depth conversation about our clients’ solutions. Our clients’ sales teams are poised to follow up with sales-ready leads, knowing that regardless of a campaign’s launch date, continued engagement with campaigns is the real indicator of sales-readiness.

What Does the Data Say?

Each week, we send millions of emails on behalf of Sales Engine clients.  A review of the open and click-through rates revealed some surprises about the email habits of our clients’ prospective customers.

Traditional email marketing best practices suggest that sending emails on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday yields better open rates.  But with the increase in the volume of email and other electronic campaign platforms competing for the views and engagement of your prospects, it is when they click through that should most interest your sales team.

Email Volume by Day Sales Engine Media

When Are Emails Being Read?

Our data shows that regardless of which days of the week clients send their email campaigns, most prospects are reading their emails on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

When are Emails Being Read Sales Engine MEdia

When Are Emails Being clicked?

For evidence of greater engagement that can inform your sales team’s next actions, the click-through rates are higher on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Our clients’ prospective customers are spending time with these emails at the end of, and in preparation for, their week.

Email Engagement Sales Engine Media

This suggests that content-rich materials result in emails people want to spend time with—rather than quickly delete.

Your prospects are interested in their industry, and the expertise you have to share about it. They are more willing to save what you are sharing for days when they have the time to review and digest it.

Campaign launch dates are when your thought leadership becomes an email; your prospects’ click-through dates show when your thought leadership becomes a resource. 

   Narissa Johnson,          Marketing Program Manager

Narissa Johnson,
Marketing Program Manager