3 Essential Email Marketing Lessons


In the world of marketing, email is still considered the most effective communication tool for reaching your existing customers, promoting demand generation and developing relationships with prospects. Many marketers will turn to an email marketing course to help master the art of marketing via email and ensure they are meeting the established standards of etiquette in the industry.

The vast amount of email marketing courses that are available online today can be overwhelming. To help you choose the right email marketing course for your business needs, look for courses that include these top 3 email marketing topics as part of the course curriculum.

Email Frequency

Finding the right balance between sending too many emails and not enough to your prospects is an ongoing challenge for every marketer. Sending too many can annoy your prospects and potentially lead to an increase in opt-outs. Sending too few emails can cause you to lose momentum and hinder the relationship you are trying to build with your prospects.

A good email marketing course will teach you how to get to know your audience by creating and sending split tests to experiment with mailing schedules. The tests will show you which frequency, day and time works best for your database and will provide the highest open rates. Over time, you can analyze the data and start to gain an understanding of the engagement of your database.

Email Design

The age-old advice to “Keep It Simple” is the key to an effective email design, and the best email marketing courses will undoubtedly agree. Due to the large number of email service providers and the variety of web browsers in use today, the simpler your email design, the better. A complex design can get hung up by a web browser and might not render correctly. It can waste time and your marketing efforts. Keep your design interesting by including graphics, using standard fonts and remember to include your key message ‘above the fold’.  A simple design does not mean a boring design. There are countless simple, yet attractive ways to build an email that will be delivered correctly to the inboxes of your database.

Engaging Content

An email marketing course that is focused on lead nurturing and creating a relationship with your prospects should also emphasize the importance of creating and distributing engaging, reliable and quality content. Your marketing goal is to teach your prospects to turn to you for a solution to their problems. Providing consistent, relevant and valuable content on an ongoing basis will serve that purpose. Ultimately, good content will increase demand generation, turn your prospects into customers, and in turn, help you reach your sales goals.

These tips will get you started as you explore the myriad of options in email marketing courses. Once you learn the basics, the next step is to create and plan your overall email marketing strategy as you work to build your database and expand your marketing reach.