Email Marketing - How Many Touches are Enough?

Over the last several months Manticore Technology has been marketing our Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook to a wide array of B2B marketers.  (you should have seen it by now).  The premise of the guide was simple:  Develop a marketing automation best practices eBook with our partner network to drive lead generation and further the message of the importance of process in marketing automation.  At the same time we could help build awareness of our marketing automation partner network. We also used this latest demand generation effort as a chance to test out a couple of marketing hypotheses.  The first one was looking at how many touches was optimal in an email marketing campaign.  As you can see from the figure below, the campaign consisted of a 4-touch email campaign with 4 different batches being sent out.  We decided to create 4 different batches to help create a steady, manageable flow of leads for our sales team.   There was a 2-week interval between each email in the campaign.   Each email offered the opportunity to download a section of the eBook without registering OR the complete eBook with a full registration.


As you can see from this graphic, the results were interesting to say the least.

Looking at one batch we found that 95% of all campaign respondents downloaded the marketing automation best practices guide during the first 2 touches of the campaign (emails #1 and #2).  Only 5% of respondents came from emails #3 and #4.  For this campaign, the additional 3rd and 4th touches proved not to add significant value.  I assume this is because we hit a saturation point with our target audience.  Those that had an interest had downloaded the guide.  The remaining audience began to tune the campaign out.

Lesson learned for Manticore Technology:  Two touches in a demand gen campaign is an optimal number for registrations to effort and money spent.

What do you think?  Have you seen similar results in your email marketing campaigns?