Function Over Form: The New Mindset for Marketers

Marketing traditionally has been responsible for events, trade shows, branding, logo usage, advertising and public relations. After all, it’s important to have an attractive website that meets your brand standards, right? 

But, what's one of the most effective web sites in the world?  

Craig’s List. It’s certainly not going to win any design awards. The simplest web site in the world is largely text based with no graphics—but it simply works.  

It’s not that any of the aforementioned marketing functions are inappropriate, but at present the most critical thing a marketing organization or a company can do is to acknowledge their new number one priority: generating leads for sales that converts into revenue.

I realize that this requires a change in mindset for many marketers, and I’m not advocating that marketers abandon design in favor of a text based website. But if marketing's job is to generate pipeline for sales, then you can’t let form get in the way of function. You also don’t need for some big expensive agency to design gorgeous looking microsites for every single email campaign you send.  

All you really need is an attractive template that you can use over and over to post the content you’ve created that continuously generates leads for sales.  

Once you've acknowledged that the world has changed and that we now require much more from marketing than branding and awareness alone, the next step is to identify the skill sets you currently have on your team in-house. 

The challenge for most companies is that they can’t pull this off with the team that they currently have in place. It’s highly unlikely that the person who is responsible for running events has the skill sets necessary to drive a closed-loop demand generation function. (Here's what it should look like).