How important is it to target specific buying personas?

How important is it to target specific buying personas? Targeting specific buying personas is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. It is still important to identify individual companies that fit an ideal prospect profile, however, it is equally necessary to understand that within those companies you will need to connect with different buying constituencies.

At home, we have a great example of diverse buying constituencies within one general demographic. We all watch TV at some point in our day, but we’re not tuning in to the same programming. Our 14-year-old daughter loves to watch Say Yes to the Dress and Cake Boss. Those shows are not particularly of interest to me or really to anyone else in the house. What is really cool is that the advertisers know that and the commercials during that time target a buying persona that most closely resembles my daughter. A few hours later, my son will come in and turn on South Park or Prison Break and again, the rest of the household isn’t interested and a completely different set of commercials are on for him, clearly targeting a alternative buying persona.

Now, to the cable provider, we are just one household, but the TV stations, the advertisers, the purveyors of all this messaging have segmented us into specific audiences. They’ve got us sliced up as Cake Boss groupies, South Park fans and other personas. And they’re delivering relevant messaging to all of us. Years ago, general interest magazines were very popular. When I was a kid, Life magazine dominated the general interest magazine market.

In more recent years, a trend has emerged as magazines tailor their content to niches. Magazines are available for just about every different subset of interest or life. Examples include highly specific sporting and lifestyle magazines, age-specific magazines for women, magazines for specific hobbies and pastimes.

In some ways, that makes our job as marketers easier, because if we can identify the right buyer persona, we are able to target them more effectively. But it also presents a big challenge: targeting our messaging to hit these highly segmented audiences in the right way.

Today, more than ever, it’s critical to understand your buyer first, how they consume and how they live and then, to touch them that way. To learn more about creating killer content for your specific buying personas, watch our on-demand webinar, Winning B2B Buyers with your Content Marketing Mix.