How SEI leverages Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media marketing leverages social media networks to build awareness and interest in your products and services. It is the science of "getting found" in our Sales 2.0 world. Social media offers great promise...and here's how Sales Engine International delivers on that promise for our clients:

First - We build engaging and varied content optimized for social media. Content is the cornerstone for an effective social media marketing strategy and creating compelling and engaging content is a core competency of Sales Engine International. We are simply the best at Sales 2.0 messaging and content creation and have the portfolio to prove it.

Second - We create the Social Media presence on your behalf. If you are not already there you need to get in the game. Using best practices we will build out each social media site for your company.

Finally - Engagement on the Social Media sites is critical to building an audience. The Sales Engine engagement approach is based on best practices for each individual social media site.

Social media is the magnet that draws people to your value proposition and website. When combined with our outbound marketing campaigns you have an integrated Sales 2.0 marketing and lead generation engine.

Sales Engine International is a Sales 2.0 prospect engagement and marketing campaign execution company. Clients come to us for inbound and outbound marketing strategies, tools and services that engage the prospect above the funnel, result in more qualified leads, and offer complete marketing spend transparency.

SEI clients enjoy more effective and accountable lead generation and faster sales cycles. Our client portfolio ranges from start ups to the Fortune 50.