Improve Lead Nurturing Process Execution with Decision Trees

Our recent white paper, 6 Truths About Marketing Automation (And How to Face Them), made the case for deploying the platform in support of an established process. One of the features that makes it easier to transition from process to executable action is the use of program decision trees that provide a visual representation of how a lead will make progress toward buying.

Lead nurturing can become complex and unwieldy very quickly based on the number of steps, length of sales cycle and permutations possible during buying over the long term. With a drag and drop interface, marketers can easily create navigable paths based on a lead’s activity and interest. The marketing automation platform will track and display the lead’s disposition at each step in response to nurturing touches. By overlaying the metrics, marketers can quickly evaluate where their nurturing programs are creating momentum as well as pinpoint bottlenecks that need refinement to improve response.

Some of the benefits of a visual campaign interface include:

  • The ability to see both the content flow and the timing of the touches across the program.
  • Evaluation of how each decision impacts a lead’s path during nurturing – in comparison to other paths in the campaign.
  • The incorporation of status changes that alert salespeople, through holistic CRM integration, to follow up with prioritized leads.
  • Identification of opportunities to include progressive profiling for lead qualification in conjunction with meatier content downloads (e.g. white papers, eBooks).
  • Trigger points where additional, automated emails can be inserted to increase momentum with highly interested leads, or re-engage those who have stalled.
  • And more…

We find that our customers who deploy marketing automation to execute a defined nurturing process are able to realize outstanding results including, higher qualified leads, increased sales interactions and shorter sales cycles. Recent Executive Benchmark Assessment data from Bulldog Solutions and Frost & Sullivan shows that process is the number one roadblock BtoB marketers face in implementing marketing automation, with skill sets and content right behind.

Building a process is hard. Putting it into play doesn’t have to be.