Inbound Marketing Automation

If Jep Castelein's Blog - Leadsloth isn't on your radar - add it.   Jep has great insight into Marketing Automation and the impact it can have on your business.  He's done numerous implementations and has great expertise in this new field.  In his latest post, Jep writes about the integration of SEO or "Inbound" marketing tracking into a marketing automation platform - to integrate or not to integrate.  That is the question. My take is that integration on some leve is critical.  Primarily b/c the SEO info that is driving traffic is invaluable to your sales team.  Check out this screen shot from our integration of Manticore Technology with


With this information, my sales team has instant insight into the lead/contract's interest.  They know what to talk to them about and what drove them to your sight.  You can imagine that the conversation would be quite different if the above search phrase was "free marketing automation".

The next obvious benefit from my perspective would be having all my marketing in tools in one place.