Increasing Marketing Spend in a Recession

A new study by Forrester Research reveals that 53% of the companies surveyed will be increasing their social media marketing spend this year. Although most companies have cut their marketing budgets during the recession, this is not really surprising. Social media is cheap (relatively) and offers great opportunity to create awareness and interest in your brand. Helping our clients with their social media strategy is a growing part of our business. Here are a few tips:

1. Have a plan. Building a You Tube Channel or Facebook page and waiting for people to visit won't work. Spend some time creating a content and engagement plan.

2. Humanize your company. Remember this is a "social" media strategy. Don't be afraid to humanize your company a little bit. This does not mean creating a wacky You Tube video. Let your prospects know you are a company of people.

3. Get your people involved. Social media has been described (accurately) as an online conversation. You probably have many subject matter experts in your company who can add value to this conversation. Get them involved.