Inspiration for Compelling Content Found in the Simplest of Places

Content marketing surrounds almost every aspect of the marketing world. There are countless books, articles, blogs, social media outlets, and websites (like the one I am siting) dedicated to content marketing and why it is an essential tool for B2B and B2C marketers. They define strategies, layout plans, and provide case studies detailing the ever-present need to deliver good content to the right people at the right time. A marketer can find virtually every aspect of content marketing they need to know about in these various outlets except one: the content. Of course, it would be senseless to think that a book or a website could tell every company exactly what they need to say to engage their specific customers and promote their specific products. It is up to a good, creative marketer to develop that piece of the puzzle, but where does a good, creative marketer find a bottomless pit of content ideas?

Louis Rix recent post to the Content Marketing Institute blog, 5 Places to Find Inspiring Content Ideas,  lays out exactly that. He writes that it is most important to “approach your content development with an open mind and a willingness to find inspiration in random places”. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from anything, at any time, and inspiration is key in creating fresh content ideas to offer your customers and readers. Rix suggests five simple places to begin looking for inspiration:

Your old work. The advantage of using your old ideas is that you already have the building blocks, now you simply need to rebuild them with a new angle.

Someone else’s old work. Parallels can be drawn between different industries, and making unique comparisons could open up countless ideas and points of view.

Your personal conversation starters. Those topics that we are always eager to share and discuss are often fully developed content ideas, and typically they are easier to write about and resonate strongly with the reader.

Your readers. Considering and responding to your readers’ feedback not only provides you with the most relevant content, but will also allow you to engage your audience on a more personal level.

Your mistakes. Writing about your—or your company’s—mistakes and experiences can facilitate growth and learning for you and your company.  And by sharing it with your readers, you can create excellent content and build a more trusting customer relationship.

You can view the full article at 5 Places to Find Inspiring Content Ideas.