Is Demand Generation Just a Fancy Way of Saying Lead Generation?

What is Demand Generation exactly?Is it just a sophisticated term for lead generation that produces the same result?Amy Hawthorne examines this very issue in Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation Marketing – WTF?She makes a very solid point that at the end of the day, sales wants leads.So, where does demand generation fit in?

We define demand generation as a holistic approach to increase sales through programmatic, automated marketing and enhanced cooperation between sales & marketing.Lead Generation is not synonymous with Demand Generation.Demand Generation is the step between generating leads and selling, and takes lead generation a step further.Any marketer reading this knows that most sales people would prefer 10 qualified leads over 100 unqualified any day of the week.Demand Generation is about nurturing and qualifying leads that marketing generates before passing them to sales.

Gone are the days of marketing generating thousands of leads and handing all of them over to sales – qualified or not.Marketers are now being held accountable not only for leads and opportunities, but for revenue as well, forcing marketing and sales to work more cohesively.It’s true sales cares about leads, not so much demand.However, Sales – not to mention your CEO - cares about closing business and generating revenue.That does not come from generating leads; it comes from generating demand.