Is it a good idea to hire a junior person to create your content?

Depending on what their role is, you can hire a junior person to create content. But how do you define junior?

If junior means “young,” most kids out of college know how to operate a video camera. There are many roles involved in content creation that don’t require the person to be experienced or be a subject matter expert in what that content is about to perform that task very well. 

But where you can’t sacrifice is the content strategy, and the content itself that comes from those subject matter experts. 

For example, it does you no good to hire an expensive film crew and produce a gorgeous video that says nothing, or completely misses the mark. 

But it’s not just subject matter expertise that’s involved either. Content has to be aligned to the high-probability pains of the personas of the people you’re marketing to. 

It also needs to be aligned to the buying stages that they’re going to walk through—and a junior person just doesn’t understand that. They don’t understand your market, your consumers, or your clients well enough to lay out that plan. 

You can use less expensive or outsourced resources to perform those tasks, but not on subject matter expertise and content strategy.