Keep your message consistent with a sales rep portal

No matter what size your sales force is, there is always a big challenge in keeping the team trained and ensuring they are consistently delivering the value proposition the same way. A big factor in this challenge is turnover. If you have a high sales employee turnover, then you are bound to have inconsistencies in the delivery of your message. Even though you might be consistently in front of people, you are not maximizing your capability. Ideally, you want every representative to sell like your best representative sells.

To Sales Engine, the solution is in a sales representative portal—which we have created for a number of our customers. In this sales strategy, we draw out the ideal prospect profile for outbound campaign messaging and make that information available to all sales representatives. That way, any new hire coming on board can leverage the information and learn from the “tribal knowledge” that has occurred over that last ten or twenty years. We can create videos, add text, or pull together collateral to illustrate certain trades like how the best representatives open, present, or differentiate. We can videotape the representatives and have the new representatives view those videos before they go on a sales call. For example, learning how to close from these videos can be part of the on-board training process. Our customers who are using this sales representative portal are very excited about the ease with which they are able to quickly on-board people and ramp up their productivity with a clear and consistent message. For this particular sales strategy, they are seeing a great deal of return on investment from their efforts.