Keys to Social Media Marketing Success

According to a recent study by Forrester Research, B2B marketers are increasing their spend on social media. In this economy, increasing the spend on anything is certainly notable. But in this case, the study results are not surprising. Today, there's lots of positive buzz about the potential social media offers to B2B marketers. And social media marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to broadcast your message to a wide audience. So what are the keys to an effective social media strategy? Here are some tips:

First - Content is king. Engaging and varied content is what convinces people to visit your site, sign up for your RSS feeds and link to you. Keep it interesting for your visitors by offering information helpful to their jobs. At Sales Engine we call this "tell me something I don't know". Also vary how you deliver the information by using mixed media such as video, FLASH presentations, whitepapers and podcasts.

Second - When reporters asked Willie Sutton why he robbed banks he famously replied "Because that's where the money is". Having great content does not guarantee prospects will beat a path to you door. You cannot force people to visit you. Therefore you need to learn where your audience is and engage them there. Do some research and learn the groups, communities and other places frequented by your target prospects. You may be able to deploy your content in those places but more likely lead them back to your site.

Third - Participate and be responsive. This requires commitment on the part of your organization. Social media is a journey - not a destination. You need to participate by continually adding content of value and you need to be responsive to your audience. This responsibility can be shared among several people in your organization.

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