Lead Scoring - The next Wave

Jonathan Block, Director of Research at Sirius Decisions recently had a post on his blog about the next wave of lead scoring.  His timing is rather ironic, in that here at Manticore Technology we were thinking about the same thing.  Now that lead scoring has gained widespread recognition (not quite at adoption yet), where do we go from here? In talking with our customers the idea for multi-model lead scoring was born.  The simple premise takes lead scoring to the next level.  Instead of just having one lead-score, why not give our customers the ability to run as many models as they want.  Instead of one lead score - why not have 10 or 100.  You can match customers with cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and prospects with various offerings in your product portfolio - all through automation.

The feedback from the marketplace has been tremendous!  Many people have commented that they haven't seen anything like multi-model lead scoring on the market.

So, the next wave is here - where do you see lead scoring going from here?  Feedback if you please.