Marketing and Sales Alignment Award Winner SalesStaff Shares Their Success Story

DemandGen Report announced the winners of their third annual Sales and Marketing Alignment Awards profiling 10 companies that have successfully adopted technology to drive an influx of top-funnel lead generation, maximize campaign development and response, and cut internal costs. Award winners showcased an impressive ability to significantly increase lead generation metrics, enhance marketing effectiveness, build a stronger database and nurture prospects soundly throughout the pipeline. Winning companies also successfully eliminated manual batch-and-blast strategies and increased overall productivity.

Manticore customer SalesStaff, a demand generation service provider, was among the 10 winners. Recognized for ditching the "batch-and-blast" strategy and creating more targeted, one-to-one campaigns based on prospects' online activities, SalesStaff recognized a 20% increase in web visitors who contacted a sales rep directly among other impressive results. They shared their success story with us in a recent case study. To learn more about how they used marketing automation to build a relationship with their prospects and drive revenue, download their case study now.

Congratulations to SalesStaff and the other 9 winners of the Sales and Marketing Alignment Awards! Click here to download the 2011 DemandGen Report Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards Report in full.