Marketing Automation Isn’t Easy – White Paper

...And Five Other Truths BtoB Marketers Must Accept to Be Successful with Marketing Automation Marketing automation is the shiny new platform that promises huge returns if implemented successfully—helping companies close up to 400% more deals by some estimates. The challenge is not in the use of the application as much as in orchestrating its use in support of a solid business process.

This paper, developed in partnership with Bulldog Solutions showcases six truths to help marketers set a foundation for the successful use of marketing automation. Along with each truth, you’ll get action tips and links to other resources to clear up the misconceptions and achieve the results you anticipate.

Take a look at the 6 Truths:

Truth 1:   Marketing Automation ISN’T Easy

Truth 2: While Lacking Sex Appeal, Marketing Process Is the Key to Marketing Automation Success

Truth 3: The Buying Decision Is Well Under Way by the Time the Prospect Gets to Your Web Site. Act Accordingly.

Truth 4: Content Is King — And Not Necessarily a Benign Dictator

Truth 5: Think Beyond Lead Generation: It’s Not Quantity, It’s Quality

Truth 6: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

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