Marketing Blogs: Fave 50

  1. Ask Justin Hitt Blog - Justin Hitt provides insight on technology that can improve your lead generation as well as practical techniques that marketers can implement quickly and with a small budget.

  2. Marketing Business & Consumer - James Warholic offers practical tips for b2b & b2c marketing and discusses the differences between the two.

  3. B2B Marketing Confidential - Andy Hasselwander brings over 10 years of marketing experience in the B2B Space. The blog gives insightful recommendations for improving your marketing strategy and offers interesting commentary on marketing-related news and current events.

  4. B2B Marketing - Uk-based Peter Jakob shares ideas about practical ways of improving the ROI on B2B marketing campaigns.

  5. The Big Fat Marketing Blog – Grant Johnson offers tips to making your marketing efforts measurable and simple.

  6. The B2B Lead - This blog offers practical marketing and sales tips for your daily marketing activities with articles, case studies and examples.

  7. Start with a Lead – Brian Carroll gives useful B2B lead generation ideas, tips and resources.

  8. Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing Professionals – Offers great thought leadership and practical tips for improving your overall marketing strategy.

  9. Brand DNA – Australia-based Stan Lee examines companies’ techniques and focuses on the creative side of branding and how it affects the product/company.

  10. Buzz Marketing for Technology – Paul Dunlay offers his insight on everything from lead nurturing to personal branding.

  11. Cadence Blog – Written with a personal touch, this blog offers analysis of online marketing and high tech b2b marketing.

  12. Best Practices in BtoB Demand Generation - Offers great case studies and articles on B2B lead generation.

  13. Market Capture Blog - Blog discusses strategies for aligning sales & marketing to maximize ROI.

  14. Marketing Blog Today - Focuses on internet and online media for Fortune 500 companies and larger.

  15. The Viral Garden - Offers great tips ramping up visibility through social media and blogs.

  16. NxtEra Markeitng Blog – Provides tips and insight to keep marketing customer-centric.

  17. Online Fluency - Provides "how to's" on effectively integrating social media into your marketing strategy regardless of company size.

  18. Influential Marketing Blog – Provides insight on everything from PR to stats and analytics.

  19. The Scrappy Software Marketer - Lead generation and branding tips and tricks for small to mid-size businesses with a limited marketing budget.

  20. Todd & Marketing & Media – Entertaining blog on marketing and media.

  21. B2B Marketing - Writer uses the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly” to evaluate marketing techniques and initiatives providing specific examples of each.

  22. Marketing& Innovation - Posts short articles providing thought leadership for internet marketing and innovation.

  23. The Web Market Central Blog – Blog covers b2b lead generation, social media, web marketing and interactive PR offering case studies, evaluations and “How Tos”.

  24. Accelerating IT Sales – Barry Harrigan, founder of the Ziff Davis Enterprise Web Buyer’s Guide, discusses how to use online strategies to shorten your sales cycle.

  25. Achieve Market Leadership - Crimson Consulting Group provides insight on marketing strategy, operations and executions, as well as discussing trends in the interactive market.

  26. Be Relevant! – Covers email marketing best practices.

  27. B2B Growth Marketing - New B2B Revenue & Profit: Gives tips on high-tech marketing and making it more customer-focused.

  28. Brian Solis’s PR 2.0 - Brian Solis offers his insight and experience on creating successful PR and social media for high tech companies.

  29. Drew’s Marketing Minute - Drew McClellan examines marketing tactics from companies and marketing professionals that he encounters.

  30. Duct Tape Marketing - John Janstch provides practical and proven marketing strategies for small businesses.

  31. The Funnelholic - Blogs about B2B Demand Generation, lead generation and online media. Interviews, Best Practices and Case Studies for marketing professionals that work at the "top end" of the "b2b funnel".

  32. B2B Insights Blog - Godfrey professionals offer insight in their area of expertise and weigh in on topics like media, interactive technology, measurement, and accountability.

  33. The Lonely Marketer – Written for the “one-man shop” marketing department, this blog offers tips for juggling all aspects of marketing.

  34. Made To Stick - Authors of popular marketing book "Made to Stick" comment on other books and publications that could help your business and marketing strategy.

  35. The Marketing Fish Bowl - Offers "How Tos" and Best Practices for all aspects of marketing.

  36. MarketingProfs Daily Fix - Covers a variety of marketing related topics with a main focus on internet/online marketing.

  37. Out of My Gord - Author and SEO agency owner Gord gives his thoughts on b2b marketing and innovations.

  38. Problogger - Dedicated to helping bloggers drive traffic to their blog and web site, get linked to by other bloggers and provide value for their readers.

  39. The Social Media Marketing Blog - Dedicated to helping readers develop an effective social media strategy at their company.

  40. Prescott Shibles:B2B Digital Media - Blog covers search engine optimization, email marketing, online content, strategy, writing for the web, online advertising sales and vertical search.

  41. Stuart Bruce -  Focuses on public relations and social media.

  42. Velocity Blog - Focuses on B2B Marketing in the high tech space.

  43. Web Strategy by Jeremiah – Forrester Research Analyst Jeremiah Owyang offers his industry expertise on how to connect with customers using web tools.

  44. SiriusDecisions Blog – SiriusDecisions research team discusses b2b lead generation and insight into effective marketing and sales alignment.

  45. Customer Experience Matrix - David Raab presents information about technology and business issues to improve customer interactions.

  46. Beagle Research Blog - Denis Pombriant provides thought leadership and advice on CRM selection and integration, lead management and marketing tools.

  47. Marketing Automation Blog - Shares best practices on marketing automation and related topics.

  48. Search Engine Land - Provides tips and updates on search engine optimization and online marketing.

  49. Matt Cutts - Matt Cutts, software engineer at Google, provides tips and answers questions about webmasters and SEO on his personal blog.

  50. MPM Tool Kit - Offers advice for how to create and implement an effective system for measuring marketing performance.