Marketing Under Siege!

I’ve noticed a startling pattern…Marketing Directors/VPs are either leaving or being let go from their companies with an alarming frequency . In the past 30 days, I have spoken to 6 separate companies (Revenues 10-50 Million) who had just parted ways with their Marketing leaders. Not sure that I have a lot of answers…but I certainly have a lot of questions: CEO's

?Are CEOs “in denial” about the team that needs to be built around the marketing leader, expecting one person to do it all? ?Are CEOs viewing Marketing as a “nice to have” versus a “need to have” in these tighter economic times? ?Are CEOs lacking a clear “line of sight” to the ROI that their marketing leaders can deliver in the Digital Age? Marketing Leaders

?Are they overwhelmed coordinating all of the functions (digital content creation, deployment of sales and marketing automation technology, impactful integration with the sales team) needed to connect with today’s B2B audiences? ?Do they possess the skill sets needed to execute the Digital Marketing program that today’s B2B environment requires? Do they have the staff (Content writers and Subject Matter Experts, Videographers, HTML Programmers, SFA specialists, Program Managers) ?Are their days consumed by URGENT crises of the day, so that the IMPORTANT repetitive execution components of their responsibilities fall off the tracks. From what I’m hearing and observing…it is a MIX of all these factors, to varying degrees. This much is clear:

The world of B2B selling has changed forever. Prospects now control the discovery process and learn – on their own – about a company’s products and services. Finding, Connecting with and Engaging Prospects requires technology, skills sets and resources that did not even exist five years ago. Success requires the successful re-alignment of marketing strategy and tactics with this new prospect behavior.

The hard truth is finding, connecting with and engaging prospects in a digital world is complex… and it can be expensive. Sales and Marketing Executives struggle finding and funding the dedicated expertise to string it all together.

Technology (and the web, specifically) have raised the bar for the depth and breadth required to succeed in marketing, and many companies find themselves falling further behind their well-funded competitors. So until these critical functions are either funded or outsourced to a competent partner, the churn will continue.