Marketing's 2017 Quota starts Today!!!

Your Sales team will come into the office tomorrow morning and begin the Q4 push. Some reps will be scratching back from a tough summer trying to hit quota while the over-achievers reach for club and accelerators. If you're like most companies, the pressure to hit Q4 numbers is so high that it's hard to even think about 2017 yet.

But when should the Marketing department's 2017 quota start?

If your company has a 90 day sales cycle, Marketing had better be focused on the 2017 plan October 1st 2016!

Let's do the math... If you expect Marketing to produce 50% of a $10M Sales goal (a reasonable goal in 2016 by the way), and the average deal size is $50,000, the Marketing department will need to generate 100 qualified leads. That's 25 leads per quarter. But, a 90-day sales cycle means a lead generated by Marketing in Q4 '17 likely won't close until Q1 '18. That means the sales team has a 12-month runway to hit their goals but Marketing has only 9 months to drive impact in the calendar year. So, if Marketing is hitting their lead run-rate of 25 leads per quarter but they only have 3/4 of a year to produce leads, they'll be short by 25 leads. A shortfall of 25 leads x $50k/lead = missing your sales goal by $1,250,000. Can you afford a million dollar miss?

Do you know how many leads your Marketing team needs to develop for Sales to hit their numbers? The clock is ticking on 2017 for the Marketing department but it's not to late. Sales Engine develops and executes marketing programs that generate more leads, faster, and less expensive than you can do in-house.

Let's talk about how we can help your Sales team hit their goals.