Networking Then and Now

I was speaking with a client after a video shoot yesterday. Our discussion turned to Social Media. His company was testing a few strategies and he asked my thoughts about having his Sales Reps actively engaged on the Social Media sites. Here's what I think:

Back in the early 1980's I was a Sales Rep for a large business process outsourcer. My territory was lower Manhattan. I had to call on 2 bank officers and 2 CPA firms each week to introduce our services / get referrals.

That was my "networking" objective.

Today, the networking is happening in the Groups on the Social Media sites. I would absolutely encourage any company to get their Sales Reps involved and engaged in those Groups. Clearly, you don't want them banging people over the head with a buy now sales message. However, most companies want their Sales Reps to be consultative and lots of people in those Groups are looking for help. Your Reps can add value and it is a great way to engage