Optimizing Video Content for You Tube

You Tube is fast becoming an effective social media site for businesses. You set up a channel for your business and now want to post videos. Here's how to get the most out of You Tube.

  1. You Tube will provide a default file name when you upload your video. Change it to something more descriptive to help people find you.
  2. When you are thinking of a title for your video think search engines. What would someone normally type in to find your video? You need to tell the search engines what the video is about.
  3. You Tube allows you to enter a description of your video. Take advantage of this by explaining to people why they should watch.
  4. Be smart when you tag your video. Tags group your video with related content. The tags should be relevant keywords and include the words you used in your file name and description. You are not limited to the number of tags you can use - just make sure they are relevant.

Video is an excellent way of communicating your sales message to your target audience and delivering your sales message. And You Tube is a great platform for delivering that message.