Q&A Excerpt: Driving Leads with Social Media

In Tuesday's webinar Social Media Integration into Marketing Campaigns – Does it Drive Leads?, Manticore Technology Demand Generation Manager Emily Mayfield examined her own successes and failures with social media in a recent, multi-touch marketing campaign featuring The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook. In this Q&A excerpt, Emily Mayfield and VP of Marketing Christopher Doran will answer audience questions regarding integrating social media into a marketing campaign to successfully drive leads.View the entire Webinar.

Question: How do you explain the importance of how social media generates revenue to someone at the executive level, who doesn’t know much about it or see the value of it?

Christopher: Buyer behavior has changed. Ten years ago, if you were planning on purchasing a new car, you might look in the paper or read consumer reports – now the first place you would probably go is an internet search engine. Social media is an important part of that shift. When a buyer is looking to purchase a product and goes to the internet for information, blogs, discussion forums, and online reviews (all social media outlets) are the results that pop up. Social media is just another tool in a marketer's tool belt. When a buyer is searching for your product or service, you want your company to be the first and most frequent result they see. Social media is another outlet to accomplish that – and it’s free.

Question: Have you discovered any variances in social media success by audience type?

Emily: Yes, social media success does tend to vary by industry and audience type. Typically, marketing and communication roles in industries, such as high-tech, retail, and business services, are more active social media participants than other audiences, therefore those target audiences may produce a better response.

However, as noted in the answer above, modern buyers across industries and roles use search and the internet as their number one source of information. Social media – blogs, discussion forums, twitter feeds, reviews – shows up in search results. Participating is these outlets will increase your exposure and drive leads across all industries and roles.

Question: Based on the results you showed earlier - where most of the opportunities (deals in the pipeline) were driven from social media – would you say that your target audience CMOs and directors of marketing ARE using social media heavily?

Emily: The results of this case study certainly point to that. Last year, Business.com published B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study – a report which analyzed the use of social media across roles and industries. The results of this study point toward the same conclusion - marketing and communication professionals at the executive and senior management level are the heaviest users of social media.

Question: How did you convert blog visitors to leads for this campaign?

Emily: For this campaign, we posted a summary of each section of the eBook and did follow-up interviews with the authors. Visitors could download the section without registering on a landing page. In each section, we embedded a link to a Manticore Technology prospect page (our term for landing page). The reader had the option to download the complete 50-page eBook in exchange for registering on a prospect page and providing us with their demographic information – name, title, phone number, company, revenue, etc. We used the information entered to assign the registrants a lead score, and if their score was high enough, they were passed to sales as a lead.