Q&A: Making the Case for Taking the Plunge with Marketing Automation

In this Part 2 Q&A excerpt from the recent Webinar "Six Truths About Marketing Automation," Manticore Technology VP of Marketing Christopher Doran and Bulldog Solutions Director of Field Marketing Amy Bills answer some audience questions about how to justify investing in a marketing automation plaform.View the entire Webinar.

Question: Do you have an example of a small migration that shows ROI to implement a full program?

Answer (Christopher Doran): We have several case studies that discuss the impact of Manticore Technology on their organizations.  While the case studies only specifically discuss the ROI of implementing the full program, they do talk about their rollout process and the amount of time it took after initial implementation to achieve ROI.  Effective deployments of Manticore Technology have been shown to:  a)  reduce sales cycles by up to 12% and b)  increase revenue by sales rep by up to 9%.  Please visit our Resource Center to download the case studies.

Question: What is the typical implementation time for a basic roll out?

Answer (Christopher Doran): Marketing automation implementation times can vary widely from vendor to vendor.  Initial setup of Manticore Technology can be as quick as one hour.  Other vendors can take weeks or months.

Question: Investing in a Marketing Automation is a big leap of faith (and investment) for some companies and many who would use it will not because it is too big a risk. Are there migration plans or Beta systems that can be used for "small wins" leading to a larger commitment?

Answer (Christopher Doran): Manticore offers a 30-day Risk Free Trial. That should be enough times to run a couple of marketing campaigns, test lead nurturing and get an overall feel for the usability of the product to ensure it's the right choice for your organization.

Question: Is there a case study on a company who had success implementing an MA program?

Answer (Christopher Doran): Yes.  The Manticore Technology Resource Center has several case studies on marketing automation implementation. The case studies discuss the selection process, the deployment and then provide the metrics that determined the success of the implementation. You can also find marketing automation content on Bulldog Solutions' web site.

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