Reaching the Hard-to-reach Prospect

On a regular basis, most companies run email newsletter campaigns or other types of marketing campaigns to verticals or buying personas as part of their strategic marketing mix. However, if there is a large prospect that you want to reach at all costs, there is another type of campaign geared towards engaging that particular prospect. A 1:1 campaign is a campaign to an audience of one company. It could be several people in that one company, but it is constructed specifically for one company with a very compelling business case as to why they should spend time with you. The message should feature their logo and their company colors. You may glean information from their 10-K or 10-Q annual report and tie it to the impact that you have. We see very high open rates and very high click-through rates with these types of campaigns. It is a large effort for a very important prospect. I would not run these campaigns for everybody but only the prospects that are significant to you. The results we see from a 1:1 campaign are significant. You are shaking the tree with the high open and click-through rates. When the individuals in your target company receive this very specific and highly tailored campaign, they respond on a personal level. When they go to lunch, they are going to say, “Hey, did you see that campaign from Paul? What did you think of that?” You are going to hear some feedback from a 1:1 campaign, so it is essential that you follow up with a phone call. It is a strategic marketing effort that is very effective and a great way to nudge or break free an important prospect that you have had a difficult time reaching.