Sales Video Production – It Doesn’t Need to be a Major Production!

Sales Video Production

If you search online for tools to support the sales and marketing process, you will find a lot of sales video production companies with catchy names like Reel ‘Em, in addition a good number of sales video production companies that seem to take themselves, and their clients, a little more seriously. Why are B2B sales video production companies in high demand? Because a video leveraging your unique message to the market is a highly effective tool to support demand generation.

In the digital age, if a sales video production is not a component of your marketing plan, it should be. Consider this:

  • Forbes Insight found that 59 percent of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page. (Forbes Insight, December 2010)
  • Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96 percent. (Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey, 2010)
  • According to Cisco, video will increase from 30 percent of Internet traffic to 90 percent of Internet traffic by 2013. (Cisco, 2010)

Technology continues to change the business world and companies who have integrated video into their marketing strategies are getting noticed first, before their competitors. A properly produced video will provide visual and auditory stimulation and influence a buyer’s behavior.

The benefits of partnering with a sales video production company are considerable:

  • The ability to showcase a product or service when it is impractical or impossible to have a live demonstration on-site or at a trade show.
  • More personal communication with prospects. Video enables you to share who you are and build trust with your prospects making them feel like they know you, which may help relieve some anxiety over the buying process.
  • Consistency with your sales and marketing messages and the peace of mind of knowing that your message will be communicated the same way each time.
  • Additional SEO benefits to your company
  • A medium that takes lengthy, complicated processes and explanations and condenses them into user-friendly, short packages using charts and other infographics.
  • A positive level of engagement that builds a level of trust from prospects.

You can still attain these benefits without hiring a sales video production group, assuming you have access to the right equipment. Whether you attempt to handle your sales video production on your own or you decide to go with a production company, here are some suggestions to ensure a quality end product:

  • Shoot in a professional studio in front of a green screen

The top advantage of shooting video in a controlled environment is just that - control. Shooting in front of a green screen provides complete control over lighting, background and sound. It also makes it easier to add graphics and animation to the background of your video to keep the content visually interesting.

  • Provide a what-not-to-wear list

It is wise, and helpful, to provide a what-not-to-wear list to the presenters. After all, they are representing your brand and you want them to look their best on camera. Professionals recommend that presenters avoid clothing with small, repetitive patterns and anything with a logo, writing, or pictures. Jewelry should be kept at a minimum and should not be reflective. It is also important to have the speaker wear clothing that is neutral to all seasons. A heavy sweater in the winter makes sense but it might come across as odd to a viewer in the summer. If shooting in front of a green screen as recommended, avoid green and any shade or color that is remotely close to green. Lastly, with the advancement of HGDTV, many people think that they need more make up when the opposite is actually true.

  • Think through the speaker selection

Consider using professional talent if your budget allows. Many companies use their executives, with varying results. Some executives are very comfortable in front of the camera, but many do not enjoy the experience and that discomfort is compounded by the pressure they feel to represent the company well. Tense, nervous presenters can ruin the sales video production process. If you are not sure your designated execs will be great on camera, look into professional talent options.

Also, be sure to give consideration to all job levels. The best resource might be someone on the sales team or in another level of management. These folks can often offer a wealth of information since they are directly involved with the day-to-day interactions with prospects.

  • Shooting on-site

If you’d like to provide prospects with a clear picture of what the business is all about then it may make sense to shoot on-site. When doing this, consider the environment. It must be portrayed in a way that is atheistically appealing and lighting can play a huge role in this. Second, what kind of sound control will there be? Sometimes the normal sounds of business can get in the way of a sales video production, so be sure to factor in additional time for the shoot to allow for any delays.

  • Shooting on your own

If budget is limited but you have the desire to attempt a sales video production on your own, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- Have an external microphone hooked onto the speaker. Do not rely on the microphone on the camera to produce a clear and crisp sound.

- Most homemade videos have inadequate lighting. Be sure to properly light your environment with artificial lighting, if necessary.

- If the speaker will be reading from cue cards, be sure to hold the cards within inches of the camera or else it will be appear that the speaker is not talking into the camera.

Targeting your prospects through video is worth the time, energy and resources of the video production process. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what can be conveyed by a well-produced sales video. Whether you select a sales video production company or decide to go it on your own, the end result will be one of your greatest sales and marketing assets!