Salesforce '09 Release

For those of you that use, you may have noticed some changes.The company just launched their Summer '09 version of the product which provides several new enhancements that will provide value to those our you using a marketing automation solution.


Here’s enhancements that I thought were interesting:


Custom Fields

After July 2009, you can create custom fields on campaign member records. For example, you can create fields that track event-specific responses like RSVP status, the offer that was responded to, seating charts, or food preferences. Your organization can create up to 500 custom fields. You can also include campaign member custom fields in reports.


Campaign Member Detail Page

From the new Campaign Member detail page, you can view, edit, delete, or clone a campaign member record. Additionally, for a campaign member created from a lead, you can convert the lead to a new or existing account, contact, and optionally, opportunity. For a campaign member created from a contact, you can create an opportunity.


Campaign Member Detail Page Layout

You can edit the Campaign Member detail page layout using the page layout editor. You can customize the Campaign Member detail page to include standard fields derived from lead and contact records, and you can add or remove buttons.Related lists and lookups to campaign member fields are not supported on the Campaign Member detail page layout.


As we continue to build out new marketing automation functionality, these new campaign enhancements will prove invaluable.