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Social Media Strategy

When it comes to building a social media strategy, there are platforms that matter and platforms that don’t. In the world of B2B marketing, probably the most important platform to execute and maintain a presence on is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the Facebook® of business professionals and the place where buyers from all industries go to learn what’s new and who’s who in their market. Chances are you’ve already set up a LinkedIn profile, but that famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams - “if you build it, they will come” - was never intended to be a part of your social media strategy.

The most successful LinkedIn profiles, as noted by the number of followers and the real business opportunities that materialize from online interaction, are active in the LinkedIn space. They’re members or administrators of industry groups, and they post relevant, useful information frequently.

That makes perfect sense, right? But translating that into an actionable to-do list for yourself or your staff is the hard part. Don’t worry; I’m going to break it down for you.

First, let’s cover the basics.

  • There are two LinkedIn profiles that will boost your company’s recognition online. There is a personal profile for the President/CEO/Owner and also a company page. Company pages are managed through access to the President/CEO/Owner page and BOTH should be actively engaging in LinkedIn activities.
  • The company page should be adorned with your logo and catchy copy written in the tone and style of your company. Be sure your employees are linked to your company page. This transforms your company from a starchy Inc. or LLC with no face recognition into a company with personality and flair. Everyone likes flair!
  • Both your President/CEO/Owner page and company page should join industry groups. A quick search in LinkedIn should reveal the groups available to you. Join the ones that focus on topics you can comfortably participate in discussing.

Now that your profile pages look snazzy, and you’ve placed yourself in the heart of industry group discussions, you can follow these steps, ideally on a weekly basis. Monthly will do, but daily is even better to really boost your LinkedIn social media strategy.

  • Use your marketing calendar as a guide for what you should post. Do you have an interesting newsletter piece? A targeted campaign launching soon? A new blog on your website? Post about these! Update the status fields of both your company page and your President/CEO/Owner page. Find one communication you have released or are planning to release and post it – not the whole email, but a link to a web-based version of that email or PDF. Lead into your post by asking a question or making an announcement. Example: Did you know pharmacy-related waste is expected to top $1.2 trillion by 2014? Learn more: insert your link here. Questions are great attention grabbers, so use them.
  • Join in the conversation. Whether you joined one group or ten, throw your two-cents in to each group on a weekly basis (or monthly, or daily!). If there’s not an ongoing conversation that you can add any value to, start your own. When you’re in a pinch, use the update you posted on your profile pages as a conversation starter.
  • Check your messages and be on the lookout for replies. It is imperative that you do not ignore anyone who attempts to communicate with you through LinkedIn.

By updating your statuses, joining ongoing conversations, and responding to those who respond to you on a regular basis, you’re managing a competent LinkedIn social media strategy. And if you harness the creativity and subject matter expertise of multiple staff members to complete these tasks, you’ll boost your company’s online perception even more. [printprofilepic] Tonya Severance