Spotlight: Craig Rosenberg Reminds Us Marketing Automation is Not Plug and Play

Craig RosenbergCraig is the Vice President of Products and Services at Focus where he oversees product creation, management, and delivery. He is also the author of the popular b2b sales and marketing blog, the Funnelholic.  He is known as an expert in b2b sales marketing across the entire funnel from demand generation to overall marketing to sales process and organization.

This section of The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook, People, Process & Content: The Keys to Success with Marketing Automation Technology, is a comprehensive look at the elements you need to find success when implementing a solution to support marketing operations. Craig starts off by outlining how to determine where you want the system to take you, then defines the roles you need to support the system. His comparison to CRM systems is a simple correlation with sobering conclusions—the technology won’t run itself.

Even more importantly, he dispels the myth that marketing automation replaces head count, making it very clear that there’s still a human role that must be incorporated to support and enhance the visibility made possible by the technology. Let us never forget that people buy complex offerings from people.

Next, Craig addresses the importance of content as the fuel that drives marketing automation success. He outlines several key concepts that must be addressed to create content that drives the response you need to engage leads and progress them toward the end goal—whether that’s sales accepted leads or all the way to revenues. The components include:

  • Repurposing the content of others can help you fill the gaps when you’re getting started.
  • Develop buyer personas and tailor content just for them.
  • Create a content funnel across the buyers’ journey and lead them down the path.
  • Leverage a variety of formats to meet the individual preferences of your buyers.

Any marketer who needs to think through the components that create a successful marketing operations process would be well-advised to learn more about the people, process and content that are required. As Craig points out, “A well defined process, people to support your success, and content.  This combination will drive real marketing ROI and make the sales organization and the CFO happy.”

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