Spotlight: Jeff Erramouspe Says, You Need Good Technology, But…

Jeff Erramouspe - Manticore Technology

Jeff has over 20 years of management experience in both entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 technology companies. Jeff joined Manticore Technology from Digby, where he was VP of Market Development, and was the co-founder and CEO of Deepfile Corp. (now StoredIQ). Prior to founding Deepfile, he was a venture fellow at AV Labs, the seed-stage fund associated with Austin Ventures, where he provided executive leadership to several portfolio companies.

In this section of The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook, Jeff Erramouspe answers the question, “What can the marketing automation platform help me to accomplish?” He emphasizes the need for the technology to be implemented in support of a business process, providing research to back up his assertions.

Frost & Sullivan, sums it up this way: “Effective and sustainable marketing that drives revenue must be built on the right processes, technology and people. Companies that adhere to best practices along these lines close a lot more business. For Marketing to play a key role in the growth of a company, we believe you need to start with process, which guides and validates the people and technology investments.”

In order to put process ahead of technology, Jeff recommends that marketers complete a 3-step planning program to help them determine just how to implement their marketing automation system to help them accomplish business objectives.

The steps include:

  • Start by determining what you want to accomplish.
  • Map each step of the buying process to determine where improvements can be made to help in achieving your goals.
  • Get the help you need to do complete the planning process.

Jeff sums it up well when he writes, “The marketing automation platform is there to support the business process, not define it.” The key to automating marketing is to think about it differently than you would manual marketing execution. The technology includes capabilities we’re all familiar with, but it also does much more than that. Without taking the time to plan comprehensively, you’re not getting the optimization of marketing processes that marketing automation enables.

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