Spotlight: Jep Castelein Shows Marketers How to Avoid Follow-up Failure

Jep Castelein - Lead Sloth

Jep Castelein is a long-time marketer, a thought leader in the area of lead management and marketing automation and principal of LeadSloth. We’ll bet you don’t know why Jep chose this name for his company. “Lead” is for “Lead Management” and “Sloth” is for the animal. Many people think sloths are lazy, but they are actually very efficient and successful creatures. LeadSloth creates efficient lead management programs that make smart use of automation—Jep guarantees it!

There’s been much research conducted that shows a high propensity for longer-term leads to buy a product they’ve shown interest in within 2 years. Unfortunately, many companies skim the shorter-term opportunities off the top of the database and ignore the rest.

In his section, 6 Steps to Find Untapped Revenue in Your Marketing Database, Jep Castelein will show you how to avoid turning those revenues over to competitors. To whet your appetite, here are a few things you’ll learn from this section of the Guidebook:

  • Segmentation exists for a reason. Use it to your advantage.
  • How to get under the “skin” of your prospects to create higher-value dialogue.
  • How prospect needs differ by buying stage.
  • Types of offers your prospects can’t refuse.
  • How to simulate conversation with storyline.
  • Why to collaborate with sales—before the campaign.

After all, as Jep says, “Marketing's effort in nurturing prospects is only worth its time and money if Sales takes the qualified leads and closes some deals.” Not to mention that marketing needs the visibility to prove their influence on won deals.

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