Spotlight: Sue Hay and Cari Baldwin Help You Supercharge Your Demand Generation Programs

Sue Hay

Sue Hay

Sue Hay, CEO of BeWhys Marketing, Inc, is passionate about helping clients create and execute demand generation campaigns that deliver real results. She is dedicated to using the latest and most appropriate technologies and practices – from marketing automation to lead nurturing, lead scoring and building personas – to help companies cost-effectively achieve their vision, reach their goals and grow their business.

Cari BaldwinCari Baldwin

Cari Baldwin, founding partner of BlueBird Strategies, focuses on building and executing strategic marketing and sales programs for clients. She is a seasoned demand generation professional, with skills in combining strategic thinking and creativity with a keen eye on results. She is a proven problem-solver, with a solid track record in demand creation, lead nurturing and lead management at companies such as Composite Software, E2open, Host Analytics, LiveOps, Saba and Workstream.


In their section, Supercharge Your Demand Generation with Marketing Automation, Sue and Cari provide a wealth of information that will help you address the many different facets of your marketing automation effectiveness. They start by making the distinction between lead generation and demand generation, setting the stage for the 8 tips they discuss to help you improve your marketing results.

Take a look at 8 Tips for Demand Generation Program Improvement:

  1. Define a Qualified Lead
  2. Develop Personas
  3. Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About Me
  4. Content is King
  5. The Website is the Lead Generator
  6. Know Your Conversion Rates
  7. Dumpster Diving for a Quick Win
  8. Push vs. Pull

These tips may sound like what you’ve heard before, but Sue and Cari make some unique observations that can help you further refine your demand generation efforts. Improving your execution of these 8 tips will help you capitalize on the marketing trifecta for demand generation success—Right Message, Right Offer, Right Audience.

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