The Core of Manticore Winter 2012

We are pleased to announce the first week of the Manticore Winter 2012 launch! As Manticore Technology’s Director of Product Management, I want to personally introduce you to the latest advancements in the Manticore Platform and expand a little more on exactly what they can do. Design Wizard Template Selection

The biggest and most extensive advancement is our new Design Wizard for landing pages and emails. The premise behind the new Design Wizard focuses on a central truth: that the person who can successfully navigate the perils of HTML coding to create a beautiful and compelling layout, and the person responsible for creating and delivering a compelling message – are not one and the same.

Our new template-based concept therefore separates the management of content from that of layout and design- allowing marketers and designers to each focus on what they do best. Marketers can select from a variety of pre-existing templates, or have their designers employ Manticore’s new Template Language to create custom templates that both protect design integrity and enforce branding standards by limiting edits to specified content zones.

Design Canvas

The Wizard's Design Canvas makes it extremely easy for marketers to customize fonts and colors, manage content and configure personalization in an intuitive, graphical interface.

Another big addition, and probably our most popular, is the email testing capabilities with Litmus integration. The integration helps ensure the Inbox delivery of attractive and professional-looking emails by allowing marketers to score their content for potential spam triggers, and to preview their email as it would appear in more than 30 email clients and devices.

We have also included updated email throttling and batching features, allowing more control over the delivery rate of emails to a given domain or recipient in order to minimize unsubscribe rates while maximizing email deliverability.

Litmus Email Client Preview Results


Finally, we have redesigned our interface with a new, more modern look and feel and added user-oriented organizational tools intended to increase usability and productivity.

The Manticore Winter 2012 Platform is a powerful and easy-to-use product designed with the marketer in mind. We have taken years’ worth of experience and customer feedback to create a tool that is ahead of the curve in marketing automation solutions and capable of growing uniquely with every user. Furthermore, we have designed the product in such a way that will allow us to bring you the most up-to-date technologies as they emerge.

We are very excited about Winter 2012 and look forward to a year of innovative growth and product development.