The Economy and Marketing Automation

We’ve been busy out on the road at a couple of good shows these last couple of weeks. Hopefully you had a chance to meet our team in San Francisco at Tech Target or in Boston at the Marketing Sherpa Demand Gen Summit. Of course, one of the big topics of conversation is the economy. The banking crisis is affecting everyone - from individuals on through your business.

Naturally, the question is, does it make sense to invest in marketing automation software right now? I believe that this is the perfect time to be a user of a marketing automation software since it helps you prospect better, close leads faster, and ultimately generate more revenue. The ROI achieved from marketing automation, in my mind, makes the decision a no-brainer.

If you are seeing a slow down in business, then marketing automation is the number one way to minimize that effect. If you aren’t seeing a slow down, then marketing automation is the number one way to get ahead of your competition.

We have extensive experience proving out the value of our software. We would be happy to discuss our success stories at the west coast version of the Marketing Sherpa Demand Gen Summit in San Francisco at the end of the month and then at DreamForce in November. In the meantime, let’s hope the stock market makes up some of the losses of the past few weeks! Ouch!