The Economy Part II: How we hired employee number 2 on Sept 12, 2001

On the morning of Sept 12, 2001, the world was radically different than it had been 24 hours earlier.  It was a new dawn for the world and our society.  It was also a new dawn for Manticore. The original start date of our current VP of sales (Justin, for those of you who have spoken to him) was supposed to be September 12, 2001.  Oops.  Not such a good day to start a new job, and (some might think) not such a good time to be making cold calls trying to sell marketing software.

He actually started on the September 17th.  All through that fall and into 2002, not many people were interested in talking to a couple of software entrepreneurs no matter what they were selling.  Wall Street was in a panic.  Budgets were frozen.  People were getting laid off.  Economic uncertainty was very high.  Sound familiar?

But you know what?  Our software actually helped our customers sell through rough times.  Heck, it helped US sell through the rough times.  And our company grew.  And grew some more.  As we grew we built our software (as we still do today) based on customer feedback and a vision of where marketing and sales software tools were converging.

The lesson from all this?  Manticore may be one of the smaller companies in our industry, but we know how to thrive in tough times and we are doing it again.  We can help you do the same.