The Marketing Automation Institute Addresses Marketing Skills Gap

One of the biggest obstacles many organizations face when trying to effectively implement a marketing automation platform is filling the marketing skills gap necessary for success. The technology is such a small piece of it.

Marketers have historically been right brain creatives. However, to properly implement process and use marketing automation effectively, marketers must learn to use the left side of the brain. Before you can implement marketing automation successfully, you have to have a lead-to-close process worth automating and the skills – such as program management, copy writing, content development, creative development and data analysis – needed to continually executive campaigns.

Our responsibility as a vendor does not end with selling customers a platform and providing them with technical support, it’s also to provide marketers with the training and resources necessary for continued success, which is why  we are proud to one of the charter Vendor Council members of a new association dedicated to helping marketing automation users acquire the skills and education needed to maximize our technology – the Marketing Automation Institute.

The Marketing Automation Institute (MAI) officially launched on Monday as a new certification body and community for the industry. In collaboration with industry thought leaders and marketing automation vendors, the MAI is focused on providing educational training opportunities that help both BtoB and BtoC marketing professionals develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing, increasingly buyer-focused market.

The community brings together an Executive Council and a Vendor Council, which will serve to both consult and provide direction for the MAI. The Executive Council consists of Jay Hidalgo (The Annuitas Group); Trish Bertuzzi (The Bridge Group); Craig Rosenberg (Focus); Larissa DeCarlo (Marketing Operations Works); Steve Gershik (28 Marketing); David Lewis (DemandGen International); and David Raab (Raab Associates).

Beginning in the Fall 2011, the MAI will offer Certified Marketing Automation Professional (CMAP) classes that focus on the most critical areas of the marketing automation industry. Initial classes will include: Marketing Automation Foundations; Lead Management Process Development; The Fundamentals of Marketing Operations; and Marketing Performance, Measurement & Benchmarking. Other classes will be offered as well and are in development.  Insiders agree that the new community, and nurturing the critical need for education, is a step forward in fostering a greater industry dialogue to enhance market education, technology usage and adoption.

Visit the Marketing Automation Institute website to learn more about it. For a limited time, the MAI is offering annual memberships at a discounted rate. Use the Manticore promo code MAN005 to become a member of MAI for only $199!